Paceline (noun):

A formation of cyclists traveling ahead of the main group, forming a tight pack in order to conserve energy and move faster by riding in the draft of the lead rider; the group often takes turns on the lead, effectively working as a team and accomplishing much more together than any single rider ever could solo.

Paceline Advisors Limited

Paceline Advisors Ltd. is a professional services advisory boutique. We work with you to reach your goals by sharing our unique and specialized skill sets.

Paceline Advisors Ltd. provides a people-focused service offering. What sets us apart is our ability to tailor our approach to help you and yours succeed.

Our Mission

Teaming up with our clients - enabling them to break away from their competition. By controlling the pace, we work together to ensure everyone on our team is able to keep up, and ultimately win their race… repeatedly.

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Our Leadership Team

Terris Chorney

Terris Chorney



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Michael Donauer

Process & Communications Coordinator